I spent this last weekend with a lifelong sister-friend that I have known since I was 7. Her family has become mine, and mine hers. A small gesture stood out to me this weekend that reminded me about the simplicity and beauty of authentic friendship. My Mom is on medication that she takes every morning that requires her to eat something before she takes it….her preference is oatmeal which I make for her sometimes when I have time in the morning or she just makes it herself. My friend observed me making Mom oatmeal on Saturday morning and whilst I was in the shower on Sunday morning she took it upon herself to make Mom a bowl of oatmeal without prompting. I was really moved by this gesture and when I thanked my friend she just brushed me off and I think she actually rolled her eyes at me lol! It occurred to me at that moment how we all need friends like these. Friends who are like family, friends who see nothing strange in filling roles that we would for our own family.As I grow older I am learning that the quality of friendships one has outweighs the quantity of friends one has.

May you find, keep and cherish friends who make life’s journey pleasant and easier.❤
Proverbs 17:17 “A friend lives at all times…”
Trudy M.