Hey everyone, it’s been a while. I haven’t posted in a while and I was going through my Facebook posts when I came across something I had written a while back about God’s provision. The reminder on my time hop came in a timely manner as a reminder for me how God has and continues to provide for me! Hope you’re encouraged by this post and please share with me how God has provided for you.

“Today is the second day in less than a month that a random person has paid for something for me without my knowledge. Today it was my cup of coffee. I was a bit frazzled after doing my morning school run and needed some coffee, I went through the drive through at Dunkin Donuts and I ordered my usual, medium coffee with 1 shot of espresso, cream&sugar…took out my card at the window to pay and the lady at the window says, ” it’s been taken care of.” I’m like, by who? And she says the customer in front of you. I then said, well let me pay for the person behind me and she said; ” it’s been taken care of too.” It’s been taken care of… (let that sink in)…the lady then says to me, ” you could have ordered anything and it would have been paid for and I said but all I wanted this morning was coffee, that’s all I needed…

I was reminded of Philippians 4:9 which states: “The Lord will supply all my needs,” yes even my small need for coffee! What more could a girl ever want with a Father like Him! To the stranger who paid for my coffee this morning, thank you, may God bless you abundantly as you bless others. I will pay it forward too.”

Follow Up: I have paid for 2 orders of total strangers at the same Dunkin Donuts and it was a great feeling to surprise someone by paying for their coffee. Paying it forward doesn’t have to be a grandiose gesture!