So school has been out for 2 weeks and the kids are busy with summer camps AND lounging around the house when they’re free. I love not being rushed through the mornings and waking up a little later (I love to sleep).

“Babygirl,” as I affectionately call my oldest, my daughter, loves baking. She’s not so keen on cooking(that’s for my middle one, the boy), woke up today and decided she wanted to make chocolate muffins, she’s a chocoholic, I wonder who she gets that from;) I digress. Anyways, I was working in my home office when I smelt the warm whiff of baked chocolate floating through the house. I just love those homey aromas that come from home baked goods, don’t you? 

Summer breaks to me are all about slowing down and catching up as a family doing all the things we love, and creating those priceless memories that I so cherish. What are you guys getting up to with your kids or on your own this summer?

Chocolate Muffin Recipe can be found here: