It’s obviously been a while since I wrote or shared anything on here. I just got done speaking to a sister I knew from like 10 years ago and she casually challenged me to post more on my blog. When she put the challenge across to me, I immediately came up with a 101 reasons why I don’t have time to blog and one of my 101 reasons was, I quote myself: “I really don’t know what to blog about.” Her response? She told me how she enjoys to look at the pictures I post on Instagram and Facebook and it occurred to me, in that moment that there’s a story behind every picture I post so why not blog about the story behind the pictures? See, I’m somewhat of a perfectionist and everything I do has to be lined up a certain way or it doesn’t cut it. I’ll stop myself from posting because my blog is not professionally done, my pictures are not quite what I want them to be, my content is boring, you name it. Excuse after excuse but; I’m the same person who will lecture other people, yes lecture, and tell them that there’s never an opportune moment to do what you want, just go for it. Hypocritical much?

I don’t know, that conversation just got me thinking and of course that’s how I ended up on here, you guessed it, blogging away. I truly hope I can keep this up. I just have to learn that I don’t have to have the perfect blog or the perfect story, I need to just go with the flow and keep putting myself out there as and when I feel the urge to and not hold myself back. What are you holding yourself back from doing? Are you making excuses like me? What really is holding you back?


So here I am last Sunday in my bright colored floral print dress, not quite ready for the picture but she snapped anyway. My daughter was taking my pictures and boy was she not in the mood for my picture taking shenanigans. She just wanted to be over and done with it so she could go inside and watch movies. Oh yeah, the initial plan was to talk about this outfit but oh well, I had some things to get off my chest and went with that! Hope I can share more of my interests with you as I continue to strive to live my best life.💕