A little backstory, Hubby and I met and married in Ohio 14 years ago. (I can’t believe it’s been that long!) When I first came to the US, I lived in Cincinnati, OH and Hubby lived in Cleveland OH. Our life and love story started in this state and so being back here is like coming full circle. We both never imagined we would be back here but life has its ways of throwing our “nevers” back at us and here we are! I have so much to say about our journey and how it has brought us back to where we started and I will share about it all some day. For today I want to share how it’s been humbling to look back at where we started and where we are now.

We have been staying in a hotel for almost a week now since we got here because we are waiting for our stuff to get here. When our stuff arrives we are moving into temporary housing, a townhouse, as we again, have to wait patiently for our house to be built because we chose the new built option(all me, another story for another day). There were no houses to rent for just 6 months in the area we’re moving to, so we had no option but to rent a townhouse so that the kids would start school in the area we will be staying. So yesterday we got our keys to our temporary place and the kids and I were excited to check it out because we’re already ready to leave the hotel.

We all walked into the townhouse and there was silence for a bit. We didn’t anticipate it to be as “small” as it was. We almost all immediately started talking at the same time asking each other how we were going to fit everything we had in that small place. Some of our stuff will be in storage until we move into our permanent home but we had to separate stuff for the temporary place when the movers packed our stuff. We didn’t leave a lot of stuff to go into the townhouse but it still seems like it’s going to be too much to fit into our temporary place! It’s really going to be a tight space.

We drove back to our hotel, Hubby and I in near silence, we were both thinking through what we had just seen. The kids in the back were happily chatting away about sharing rooms and how they would have to be creative about closet space.

We later took the kids swimming and hubby and I were watching the kids swim and we were having small talk when Hubby paused and looked at me and said; “ you know, years ago we would have been so excited to be moving into a place as the one we just saw? We have come a long way haven’t we?” He was so right, we proceeded to talk about how God has us in this season to reflect on how far we’ve come and to be thankful for where we are now. It’s almost like God has us in pause mode. Even though we moved here for a better opportunity, He wants us to pause and reflect before moving forward fully, on where He brought us from and where He is taking us to!

Isn’t it funny how He always gets our attention in unconventional ways and reminds us of how He carries us through different seasons throughout our lives.

Here I was, worrying about a temporary situation and God took that very same situation to teach me, to have me pause, reflect, and be thankful for how far He has brought us. Everything we go through in life is never in vain, there’s always a lesson to be learnt in every situation. May you always pause to reflect and see what God is trying to show and teach you in every season of your life.


Ps – This was written a few days ago before we moved into our temporary place. We have been in our “new” place for all of 3 days now!