Today was the first official day of school. New school, new state, and different schools. The youngest is on his own, in elementary school and the 2 middle schoolers are together at the same school. One of the the biggest changes for my kiddos this year with school is no uniforms. (clothes shopping was a chore and a half, I won’t even get into that)

I have to admit, I am a bit sad that they’re no longer all at the same school but I’m sure they will all have positive experiences at their respective new schools.

There have been many changes for the MaposaCrew this year. They are taking it all as champs, I have to give them that. It hasn’t been all hunky dory, we all have had our fair share of struggles as individuals and as a family which is to be expected with the normal stuff that comes with moving to a new place.

One of the positive outcomes that has come from our struggles with settling in, are some of the profound and deep conversations we have had to have with the kids and as a family. We have touched on a lot of topics from fear, excitement, anxiety, friendships, to making the best of every situation life may throw at us. The kids have been open and honest about their feelings and we too, have been open and honest with them in return. They’re at that age (especially the oldest 2) where we can have candid talks about life with them. We listen and hear from them about how they feel, and how they think through and process their thoughts and struggles. This is something that we have tried to do with our kids from a young age. We have aspired to, through the years, make them feel comfortable to express how they feel to us without fear of being reprimanded. We always try our best to hear them out and guide them through some of the emotions they feel and have a hard time to interpret or process. We feel this opens up dialogue between us that is free flowing and everyone involved feels free to express themselves.

I’m extremely proud of these little humans of mine, they’re brave and they are trying to look at things from a positive angle, they are rolling with the punches and keeping us entertained through it all as we continue to grow and create memories together.

Wishing all the kids in your lives a great school year.

First day of school 2018