It’s been a whole 5 days since I decided to take a Social Media detox. It however feels like it’s been a whole month and I have caught myself trying to toggle to Instagram or Facebook only to remember that I don’t have those 2 apps on my phone, I actually deleted them!

Why the detox? I felt the need to start of the year right. Yes. I know everyone starts of the year with all kinds of cliche sayings and resolutions for balance, focus and all kinds of other great “life changing” ideas. Mine however is not a resolution per se, I just wanted to be more present with my family, friends and loved ones. I’m a self proclaimed mamarazzi (I love taking pictures of any and everything) and sometimes I get more consumed with capturing moments instead of actually enjoying the moments. I also just wanted to challenge myself to unplug from seeing what everyone else is doing and to instead focus on me and what’s important to me. You really can’t do that when you’re constantly seeing and watching what others are doing. You subconsciously get steered in your decision making by what you see around you, that’s a fact by the way.

How has it been going? Great so far. It’s been refreshing to not have notification after notification on my phone. I have been able to read good old fashioned books more. I have also managed to say a silent prayer or to recite a scripture here and there each time I have felt the impulse to check my social media. It’s been like a reminder of sorts to stay connected to God throughout my day and it’s been a beautiful spiritual experience for me, my spirituality is very important to me.

The goal is to make it to the 31st of January, a whole month with no access to the social media apps I spend quite a bit of time on and to instead spend that time on recharging by shutting out the noise that comes with staying plugged in.

I don’t know how you’ve started your year or the resolutions you’ve made. If you have made resolutions I hope you stick with them. I would also suggest a social media detox just to recalibrate and focus on what’s important to you without the influences of what you see other people posting on their feeds.

Happy New Year, may it be a great and fulfilling one for all of us!

Trudy M.