If you have been following me for a while on Instagram you will know that I love to pack my kids school lunches. I’m however learning to let go and let my oldest 2 pack their own lunches as they’re in middle school. I seriously struggle with letting them do it BUT they’re getting older and I understand that they need to learn some real life lessons like:

1. How to do it on their own (independence)

2. How to manage their time in the morning

3. How to manage their money

We decided to teach our kids a bit of money management when we took stock of how they were spending their money on cafeteria. We were wondering why their money was running out in their school cafeteria accounts really fast, only to discover they would “treat” themselves almost everyday at the school cafeteria buying desserts and all sorts even though they had packed lunch! It was then we decided to put them on a budget and to have them actively pack their own lunch in order for them to appreciate that it actually takes time to pack lunch in the morning.

They also almost always rush out of the door every morning to make it just on time to get on the school bus. We realized that we needed to teach them time management too. Nowadays if they’re running late on mornings I don’t pack lunch for them they have to get cafeteria, BUT if the money in their accounts runs out, that’s it! We don’t add any more until the time we agreed on for top ups comes.

This is teaching them to be responsible with their time and with their money.

We no longer check or ask how they spend their cafeteria money, it’s totally on them. They are learning on their own to figure out how they will spend their money. If they do run out, they are forced to pack their own lunch in the morning, and still be able to make it out the door on time! It’s a win win for us. They may not like us right now but I know they will appreciate what we’re trying to teach them in the future as adults.

There are so many little ways we can impart great life lessons to our kids and I know we all parent differently, there is no right or wrong way. The ultimate goal is to raise responsible humans. What are some of the ways you impart lessons to your kids? Please feel free to share in comments.

Trudy M.

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