**Originally written on June 3rd, 2020**

After days of just feeling mentally exhausted about everything going on with George Floyd’s death and the resurgence of Black Lives Matter, something happened today, (June 3rd 2020).
On my way to pick up some eggs from the grocery store and to make a bank stop with mom, I saw a small group of people lined up in our mostly white neighborhood peacefully protesting along the road side. Some of their signs read; “honk if you support Black Lives Matter.” I was beside myself with excitement as I had no idea that this was going on in our little bubble of a neighborhood. I nearly rammed into the car in front of me whilst waving and honking in excitement, seeing this small group of people standing up and peacefully protesting for this cause.

I was going to go about my business because I thought to myself, I don’t have a sign to join them and I’m really not prepared, besides I have mom with me, what will I do with her?

I proceeded to go get my eggs but while I was in the checkout line, I had a strong urge to go join the protest, this might be the only chance I get to actively do my part I thought to myself. In the past few days, I had seen some of my friends taking part in marches in their cities and their marching inspired me to want to protest too.
I had left mom in the car when I went in to the grocery store to grab the eggs. I went back to the car where I announced to mom that I had decided I was going to go join the protestors and that we’d then later head to the bank as planned and she could wait for me in the car while I joined the protest. Mom then said, with no hesitation, “I want to join in the protest too, I will not stay in the car.”

Meanwhile Babygirl had gone to get dinner with her dad and I called her to ask her if she wanted to come and join mom and I because just the night before, she had shared with her dad and I how she felt like she wasn’t doing anything tangible to support the Black Lives matter cause, a cause she comprehensively understands and is passionate about.

All three of us showed up for the protest, three generations; a permanent resident of the United States, a naturalized United States citizen and a first generation American citizen, to stand in solidarity with the rest of the world that is saying enough is enough and Black Lives indeed Matter. While all 3 of us stood there, right arms up in fists, chanting “Black Lives Matter,” with no signs, we all felt proud to be there and to be a small part of this historic time. Gogo, on our way home was giddy like a little girl as she reiterated to my daughter; “muzukuru wangu (my grandchild), always stand and speak up for what is right and for whatever you believe in, this was a very important moment we were a part of and I’m blessed I got to share it with you and your mother.” I in turn reminded my daughter once again, in that moment, that she comes from a line of strong women who stand up for what’s right and for what they believe in.

As someone who believes there’s a lesson in everything, I took today’s experience as a  reminder that sometimes our children learn poignant life lessons by watching us do. In witnessing her grandmother and mother make an on the spot decision to be part of an important cause, my hope is that my daughter had a few takeaways from today and that one day when she looks back and reflects on today she will be reminded how her gogo, mother, and her played their small part in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Dear Mama, teach your children by doing and teach them to always stand up and fight for what’s right.

Until next time,

Trudy M.