Last week on Friday the hubs and I had a date night at home. Hubby made us a scrumptious steak dinner and his only request was that I wouldn’t help him or “offer” him advice on anything he was making. I am guilty of offering unwanted advice (according to him) when he offers to cook, I can’t help it but it’s something I’m working on.

Anyway, this post is not about me offering unwanted advice to the hubs, it’s about taking time as a couple to do fun and different things together in your marriage to keep the fire burning. Often times as couples with children, it’s easy to forget to carve out time for each other and get lost in catering to the kids needs over your own.

According to; date night for married couples is important – it fosters communication, increases feelings of intimacy, decreases the chances of taking each other for granted, decreases stress, and builds attachment. As obvious as these reasons for having date nights are, we are often too busy to create this much needed time in our marriages.

Friday night was a much needed date night for hubby and I. It was the first time in almost 7 years that hubby and I had the house to ourselves for an entire week without our kids. My best friend and kids’ Godmother had the kids at her place for a week and let me tell you, that was the best gesture ever from my best friend to have our kids over at her place. During the week that hubby and I were alone, I noticed we were a lot nicer to each other because we didn’t have the kids as a distraction from each other. The dinner hubby planned was the cherry on top of our time alone and I really enjoyed it because hubby really went out of his way to make it special.

The kids are back home with us and even though we missed them, time away from them rejuvenated us and we were able to strengthen our emotional connectedness which ultimately makes us a better duo to deal with our kids needs as a united front.

If you don’t already, please try to be creative about making time in your busy schedules to invest time in your marriage and in one another. We all know that good relationships require effort, consider carving out time for each other as a necessity for a happy and fulfilling marriage.

Until next time,

Trudy M.